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People with Hearing Impaired Network
(PHIN Manned by the persons with hearing impaired)

People with hearing impaired network-PHIN
Manned by the persons with hearing impaired
Mrs. Janaki, President - PHIN Receiving Helen Keller national award from his - Excellency
Sri Mani Shankar Ayyar, Cabinet Minister of Panchayath Raj, Government of India.

PHIN (people with hearing impaired network) is initiated by janaki who herself speech and hearing impaired woman, hailed from state of Andhra Pradesh, and lobbying strongly on the issues of the PWDs and rehabilitation of the persons with disabilities. Having broad network in all districts of Andhra Pradesh PHIN providing its services to the PWDs very effectively. janaki started her career as a volunteer from the gross root areas despite her disability she is able to focus the PWD woman issues in this process she had good interaction with NPdO (network of persons with disability organization) and for a decade she handled many issues specially woman and the children, and got elected as a state joint secretary (NPdO)and played a vital role in the development of the organization and participated in many right based issues like participatory study on rural disability conducted by the government of Andhra Pradesh and action aid India, and formed self help groups with woman at nalgonda district of A.P. and contributed her effort to make them empowered.

All these experiences in the field areas gave inspiration to instigate a network for the speech and hearing impaired and later on the network named as PHIN which became the plot form and the voice of the hearing and speech impaired. The network started with great ideals in 2007 feb 27 to empower the persons with impairment of hearing with focus on woman and children with rights based approach. Advocacy, lobbying and rehabilitation are the key approaches of the network facing many odds she could rehabilitate many persons with disabilities in private sector.

With the collaboration of NIHH (national institute of hearing impaired) Hyderabad (A.P). Various trainings were carried out for the persons with disabilities in computer applications, wall paintings for buildings and such other vocational trainings. PHIN also assisting the pwds in marriage alliance also, so far several marriages have been performed. Many hearing impaired children were joined in the schools by motivation. PHIN gradually spread its network to all districts of Andhrapradesh so far more than 1000 deaf persons enrolled in the network and taking active participation in the activities of the PHIN in their areas.

Protect the Dignity, Social justice, Empowerment, Full participation, Equal opportunities, Access communication, Rights of the persons with hearing disabilities.

To build the leadership and network development among the hearing disabled persons and rehabilitate every person to improve their individual capacities to achieve the entitlements and human rights.

Empowering the persons with hearing disabilities and their care givers through activism, networking with likeminded groups with right based approach.

To build the leadership, network development among the hearing disabled and other disabled category persons from panchayath to parliament level by the political education.

To sensitize the various governments, people representatives, administrator, human rights activists, philanthropists, and civil society about the various acts related with persons with hearing disability.

To sensitize and organize the activities at all levels on united nation convention on rights of persons with disability (UNCRPD)

To build the barrier free society by removing communicational, physical, attitudinal, and environmental barriers in all spheres of life.

To work on the inclusive education and community rehabilitation programs like medical, social, economical rehabilitation programs for the persons with hearing disability, and their family members in rural areas. To conduct information and dissemination activities with advanced technologies on the disability and developmental issues.
† Top
• Networking
• Policy influence and lobbying
• Capacity building and campaigns
• Community based rehabilitation
• Marriage alliance
• Information and dissemination

• Participated in International CBR Congress ,Bangkok 2008
• Received Helen Keller national award 2007
• Received a state Govt of Andhrapradesh award 2007

• Strong networking with more than 1000 members throughout the state
• Networking with other VOs, CBOs, and NGOs.

Achievements at a Glance
• Participation In Study On Rural Disabled Done By World Bank And Govt OF A.P
• 10 Hearing Impaired People Got Employment In ITC Hotel
• 50 Members In Jewelry Company, 5 Members In Electronic Signals Manufacturing Company, 3    Members In Printing Press.
• 15 Members Got Admissions In Professional Colleges With Concessional Feeses
• 60 Hearing Aids Distributed
• 110 Children With Disability Were Admitted In The Schools
• 8 Members Tots Trained On HIV/Aids Awareness
• Facilitated 3 Lakhs Loans For Woman Groups
• Participated In Science & Technology Exhibition by APVCC
• More Than 1000 Deaf People Participated In Self Esteem Meetings On 23rd November 07
• 6 Hearing Impaired People Marriages Done By The Counseling
• District Branch Of PHIN Started At Kareem Nagar
• conducted a training camp on HIV/AIDS at Guntur ,Nellore(3 months)

• Action AID
• The Deaf Way
• National Association of Deaf (NAD)
• NPdO, A.P

Organization Structure
President (PHIN)
V. Janaki

Vice President
N. Anil Kumar
U. Kamal Kishore

Joint Secretary
P. Srinivas Rao
V. Aparna

K. Moses Peter

Executive Member
V. Srinivas
P. Ashok
M. Malla Reddy
† Top

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